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About Us

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Chesed Shel Emes Society of California is the next step in the long career in the Mitzvah of Taharat Ha'Mais for our founder, Bruce (Baruch) Bloom.


In January 1980, he participated in his first Taharah as part of a group led by Bill Weisel. Several years later, Bill and his family made an Aliya. Bill turned over the “reigns” to Bruce. 


With the mindset that every Jewish person is entitled to a Tahara, which is done with the utmost respect and dignity to the deceased, Bruce connected with all the Jewish Mortuaries to conduct and oversee their Men’s Taharah at their facilities.


Bruce and his team, with the guidance of Rabbi Avraham Lavitansky OB”M and Rabbi Shimon Raichik has led Men’s Taharah’s at Mt. Sinai Mortuaries, Hillside Memorial Park, Groman Eden Mortuary, Sholom Mortuary, Malinow-Silverman, Home of Peace, Hollywood Forever, Pacific View (Corona Del Mar), and Harbor Lawn-Mt Olive (Costa Mesa) in Orange county. 


They have also conducted Taharahrot as far away as Temecula, Riverside, S Barbara, Bakersfield, and S Luis Obispo as well as an occasional call from Rabbi Shimon Posner (Chabad of Rancho Mirage) until Bruce trained men and women in the Palm Springs area.


Annually, Bruce and his team perform an average of 300 Taharot.


Additionally, Bruce is a licensed Funeral Director (FDR 1973) and has conducted hundreds of Funeral services over the course of 40 years.

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